Prescription Lenses

Prescription Lenses

Zeiss is the leading name in precision optics and one of the longest established optics manufacturers in the world.


Producing lenses for mobile phones, medical technologies, cameras, telescopes andmicroscopes – they have even been commissioned by NASA to produce the JamesWebb Space Telescope.

Silverberg Optician’s are the only independent optician in Liverpool city centre that can call itself a Zeiss Premier Partner. 



So, what do Zeiss say about us? ….

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ZEISS is delighted to be a valued partner of Silverberg Opticians. ZEISS partners with independent opticians committed to providing excellence in patient eye care and who offer the world's most innovative optical products, dispensing technologies & services to its customers

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Lenses for every pair of frames

As a Zeiss Vision Centre, we are able to offer our clients:

Single vision lenses

ZEISS technology produces flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions. ZEISS single vision lenses are easy to wear, improve night vision and offer a variety of coatings for a hard-wearing yet attractive lens.

Digital lenses

A special lens developed to help reduce the stress and strain caused by the constant use of smartphones and other digital devices.

Sunglass lenses

For total safety and comfort, all ZEISS sunglass lenses offer 100% UV protection, are lightweight and highly resistant to breakage.

Sports lenses

The right tint, design and function are crucial. It’s an optical challenge to protect eyes from dust, dirt, the sun and debris in the air, but ZEISS wrap lens technology makes it possible. These lenses are lightweight, robust, and available in self-tinting and polarising versions.

DriveSafe lenses

Wear DriveSafe lenses like normal glasses for the entire day and benefit from features designed for a safe driving experience such as better vision in the challenging light conditions caused by low light, bad weather and glare.

Office lenses

Reading glasses and progressive lenses are not the best solutions for people who spend much of their day working in front of a screen. A better choice is a pair of computer glasses with special ZEISS lenses designed for workplace use.

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drive safe lenses for bad weather

Lab & glazing services

Silverberg Opticians are one of the few opticians in Liverpool with an in house Glazing Lab. Lee, our lab manager, has been with the company for 15 years, mastering his trade and a product knowledge surpassing most.


With this lab, we offer the widest range of lenses available on the market, from house old names like Carl Zeiss, Kodak, Essilor, Nikon, Hoya and more.

We also offer services that many others simply can’t, including one-hour glazing service and in house repairs, meaning you won’t be left without your spectacles for any longer than you have to be.


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