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Driver safer in low light


We’re slap bang in the middle of winter which means lots of gloomy, grey days, rain, dark mornings and long nights. It’s the time of year when customers ask us about the best glasses to wear for driving in low light and at night when glare is a real hazard and visibility is poor.

Watch our ZEISS lenses video to see what a difference the right lenses can make!

We’ve seen lots of contradictory advice and online offers for things like tinted lenses, that we’re not 100% convinced are going to help… So, we have consulted the latest guidance from the College of Optometrists and Association of Optometrists. And here it is:

• Have your eyes examined regularly. Some night-time vision issues can indicate early onset of conditions like cataracts. • If you’re worried about your vision when driving at night, ask your optometrist for advice. • Do not use tinted lenses. They actually reduce the amount of light entering your eye in low light conditions. • Do get an anti-reflection coating on your lenses instead. • Always wear up-to-date distance spectacles or contact lenses. • Keep a spare pair in the car if possible. • Don’t forget to keep the car windscreen clean, inside and out, at all times. • Make sure your car lights are working properly.


• Our eye test includes testing for the early onset of eye conditions. And early detection means early treatment. Book one now.

• Book a free consultation with one of our Dispensing Opticians for advice on low light vision options. Call us on 0151 709 2012. • We are a Zeiss Vision Centre and Premier Partner, the only independent optician in the city centre that is. So we can fit Zeiss premium grade lenses and supply ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – one pair of glasses for everyday use and safer driving.

Call us today to book your eye test or your free consultation. Our team of award-winning consultants are on hand to help and we look forward to meeting you.

Here’s the ZEISS lenses video again …Watch Now!


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