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Vintage Eyewear – Original 1980s Christian Dior and Silhouette

Vintage? Original? Designer? How about all three. We have managed to source an amazing collection of original 1980s vintage frames from Christian Dior and Silhouette.

Last year we got word that a collection of vintage frames had been discovered, so we had to hunt them down. An opticians in London went out of business in the early 90s with all of its frames still in storage, ever since then they had been stored in their original packaging, then forgotten about until they were unearthed last year. We managed to view the collection, loved it and so are bringing it to the market for the stylish people of Liverpool.

These were some of the most popular and iconic frames of the era, that Ian Silverberg remembers well; “The over sized Silhouette’s with the low arm were some of my favourites to sell back then, at the time we had a few different shops across the city and these used to sell everywhere. They were, and still are, amazing.”

Most people have heard of Christian Dior, but many may not of heard of Silhouette who only manufacture spectacle frames, Ian adds “The quality of all of them speaks for themselves, thirty-odd years later they still look as they did when they came from the factory, we’ve put them all through quality checking and we are just blown away, it’s one of the most exciting collections we’ve ever had, they’re just so rare.”

There are ladies and gents frames in both collection with some amazing gents frames that Ian remembers fondly; “there’s a collection that have little hands holding on to the front frame rims like handlebars. Many people call the temples on spectacles arm’s, so it was a little tongue in cheek nod to that. I used to wear some of these in the late 80’s, so when I saw them I had to have them again.”

This amazing collection is now in store at Silverberg Opticians and really has to be tried on. If you’d like to see more of this collection and what else we offer, make sure you follow our social channels.


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