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Moscot ‘Shop in Shop’ at Silverberg Opticians

Moscot is one of our favourite brands at Silverberg Opticians. We first brought it to Liverpool about eight years ago, at the time it wasn’t very well known as and we had to introduce most of our patients to it, as we do with many brands. Over this time not only has our knowledge of and love for the brand grown, but the brand itself has grown world wide.

Moscot have since opened three stand alone boutiques in London as well as many other cities all over Europe and the world. We’ve developed a great relationship with Harvey and Zac Moscot in New York and the guys at Moscot UK.

Earlier this year we decided to step up our Moscot offering in store, and with sizeable investments from ourselves and Moscot we now offer the only Moscot Shop in Shop in the UK, the second in Europe. This means we have a small slice of the Moscot boutiques that you can find in New York and London, in our Liverpool City Centre practice. Using the same designers and cabinet makers it really gives you the full Moscot experience.

To go with this we have also increased our collection in store, this means we now have the largest choice of Moscot frames you can find anywhere outside of their own boutiques. Meaning more colour and size options in some of their icons frames like the Lemtosh, Miltzen and Arthur, but also the newest styles as soon as they launch.

We recently launched this new Shop in Shop with a VIP evening in store with Tim and Jen from Moscot UK, with live music from friend and patient Dave Knopov (aka Perfectly Frank) and a few drinks and a general good in store.

If you’re a fan of Moscot, or want to find out more about this brilliant brand, why not come in store to see what all of the fuss is about.


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