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Polarised sunglasses from Polaroid

This beautiful autumn is bringing us some fantastic sunny days, but the lower sun also causes lots of glare and dazzle particularly when driving. So, this week we’re looking at polarised sunglasses from a household name: Polaroid.

Polaroid uses the same technology for their polarised sunglasses as they do for their cameras, so we’re talking exceptional quality and performance. We are also offering a massive 20% off the entire collection, making this a great entry point for a high spec pair of sunglasses.

Here’s Colin with a preview of the collection.

Matte black, polarised lenses with amazing anti-glare properties.

A clean, fresh take on the narrower rectangle, with polarised and matte black for a sleek look.

We're loving this matte take on tortoiseshell. Easy to wear and versatile.

A strong look in a soft shade. Translucent, matte caramel acetate with a flat browline.

A polaroid classic in gorgeous polished black with perfectly oversized 70’s dimensions.

Clean and unfussy. Polished black acetate with polarised lenses. The perfect driving eyewear.

Another Polaroid classic. Gold metal frames with double bridge feature and green tint polarised lenses.

If you want to try this collection for yourself, why not call in and see us this weekend? Our team of award-winning consultants are on hand to help.

Or if you need a style revamp ready for the autumn and winter seasons, book an appointment with our style consultant who can take you through some great new looks, tailor-made for you.

Here’s Colin again with…Polarised Sunglasses from Polaroid


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