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So recycle your contact lenses


Contact Lens Recycle Programme.

We have joined forces with Johnson & Johnson and Terracycle® to offer you a soft contact lens recycling service – the ACUVUE Contact Lens Recycle Programme. It’s completely free to use and is available in store now!

Watch the video:

Did you know soft lenses and packaging are recyclable?

A survey by Johnson & Johnson revealed that a massive 77% of contact lens wearers said they’d recycle their lenses if they could. But 39% weren’t sure if that was possible. The good news for the UK’s 3.7m contact lens wearers is that soft lenses and their packaging are – so no more flushing them away or sending them to landfill!

Simply bring ANY BRAND soft contact lenses, blister and foil packs into Silverberg Opticians, drop them in the recycling box and Terracycle® will do the rest, by turning them into the raw material for brand new products.

Remember, next time you’re in town pop in to see us and bring your recyclable contact lenses and packaging with you. It’s SO simple!

Here’s the recycling contact lenses video again …Watch Now!


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